The success of “Sunita IVF Centre” is not hidden from anyone. We have more than thousands of satisfied patients. In the field of in vitro fertilization (IVF) the centre has established a brand name in Jharkhand.

Patients Reviews

Ms. Kiran Sharma

I was suffering from fertility disorder, i lost my hope and was feeling very depressed. I and my husband decided to consult Dr. Sunita Jha, and in few months of treatment I got pregnant and now we have a beautiful daughter.

Ms. Juilee Jha

I had getting trouble in pregnancy. My friend suggested me to consult Dr. Sunita Jha. I was very pleased by her friendly and caring behavior. She started treatment after some test and now I have a boy. I am very thankful to her.

Mr. Rajeev Singh

Everyone think that there is only female have problem when she is not getting pregnant. But when I and my wife came to visit the doctor, after some test I got know that I have some kind of disorder. Dr. Sunita Jha started treatment and in result we have a cute baby and she made our life so much happy.

Ms. Sonal Yadav

Due to pregnancy problem our life was full of sorrow and tears. When I heard about successful treatment in Sunita IVF Centre. I visited here and meet Dr. Sunita Jha she started treatment and now I am fully satisfied by her treatment.

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