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Dr. Sunita Jha

Dr. Sunita Jha (Reproductive Endocrinologist) is the most famous name in Jharkhand. She is a gynaecologist and practicing in the field for more than 30 years.

More About Dr. Sunita Jha
  • We Focus to give a beautiful new smile to those childless couples who are disappointed and feels depressed by their their effort in getting a baby.

    - Dr. Sunita Jha

  • Being the best IVF Centre in Ranchi, Jharkhand, our experienced team knows the challenges faced by the patients with their fertility problems.

    - Dr. Sunita Jha

  • We believe that by the growth & advancement of medical science in the field of curative infertility problems, there are availability of treatments in the best IVF Centre in Ranchi – “Sunita IVF Centre”.

    - Dr. Sunita Jha

  • Being considered among the best IVF Clinic in Jharkhand, we provide transparent, friendly and high quality treatment approach.

    - Dr. Sunita Jha

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Sunita IVF Centre, Ranchi


Sunita IVF Centre, Ranchi

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Sunita IVF Centre, Ranchi


IVF Treatments

If anyone having problem in getting pregnant then IVF doctors in Ranchi is right choice for you. You can meet IVF consultant in Ranchi for the treatment. These steps taken by the IVF treatment doctors for in vitro fertilization process. First is the “ovulation introduction” in this process IVF specialist monitors female patients uterus and timing of egg release and determines eggs availability for IVF.

Second process is “Egg Retrieval”, in this process IVF expert egg is isolated through different mechanism.

The third process is “Fertilization of Egg” this process is done in the IVF incubator. Sperm sample is secured from the appropriate donor and mixed with the egg and monitored by the IVF experts to make sure to develop a healthy embryo.

Fourth Step is “Embryo Transfer or Implantation” the best IVF doctors in Jharkhand examines the healthiest one among the embryos for transfer and is placed into the mother uterus through various upgraded technique of medical science.



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